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The Shape Of Fitness

The Diodatics workouts are designed for all age groups and fitness levels.

Expect to burn fat and increase your metabolism while sculpting a strong, lean, healthy and happy body.  Learn how to safely and effectively weight train for a lifetime of workouts.

We know that weight training is the most efficient and effective way of getting your body in great shape.


We also know that most people are unsure on how to safely weight train. So we created the Diodatics workouts which combine strength training, cardio training, core training, flexibility and balance training. 

A perfect recipe to develop a strong, shapely, toned and healthy body! What sets the workout apart from other workouts are the patented Diodatics weights along with the proven time tested workouts.

The workouts are fun, safe, easy and highly effective. Come and experience the workout for yourself and you decide.


I am loving this class! I am so grateful to participate in the Diodatics weight training system. With not a lot of time to workout, I can see how this program is a complete body and muscle toning system. It's nice to have this available right in our neighborhood. Ann is professional and highly knowledgeable and takes good care of each one of us. She checks in and makes sure we stay in tune with our bodies and that we are careful where we need to be to not exacerbate already existing issues. Love the music and it's great to be working out in a group setting again. Thanks Ann for keeping me motivated and thanks for making it fun.

Barbara Bright, San Ramon, Ca 

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Vistas Community Center

11312 Parkside Way, Las Vegas, NV 89138

Diodatics Weight Training for Weight Loss and Strength Classes



(Summerlin Residents Only Please)



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What To Say /what To Bring 

What To Wear

Your instructor will ask you about any old injuries, sensitive spots, or conditions that might need modifications.

Bring a mat and a water bottle, we will provide the Diodatics Weights.

Wear whatever you are comfortable in.

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