The World's Most Revolutionary
Weight Training System 

The World's Most Revolutionary Weight Training System


Diodatics are not just another dumbbell!! The triangular shape design allows the user to sculpt the body more effectively than using traditional free weights. The Diodatics are the result of years of extensive research into physical fitness and natural body movement.  Diodatics are shaped to accommodate the individual, resting comfortably on your body, permitting many unique exercises that allow you to easily achieve your fitness goals.

The Diodatics are available in a choice of many colors and come with color-coded weight resistance levels of 2.5 lbs  (white)  5 lbs. (yellow) 8 lbs (orange) and 10 lbs (black).  The Diodatics system is now available for the workplace, gyms, schools, hospitals, rehab centers, homes and perfect for a daily walk. They are easily accessible for people confined to wheel chairs and the design allows people confined to their beds (with proper supervision) to do a variety of exercises for strength and improved health. The Diodatics are very attractive, so when not in use you can place them on your coffee table, vanity, or your office desk as a constant reminder to get your workout in for the day! 

The Diodatics were invented by Joseph Michael Diodati, life-long physical fitness expert, pioneer in the fitness industry and world class personal trainer. The Diodatics system was developed by Ann Marie Diodati, Joseph's daughter, also a life-long physical fitness expert and pioneer in the weight training field for women and seniors.

I am very excited to share with you my Diodatics System. From my 40 years of experience in the fitness industry I have found that most people know the amazing benefits from weight training, yet, 70% of the population does not know how to safely weight train. The combination of following the Diodatics Workout and using the Diodatics Weights will give you the education and the tools you  will need for a lifetime of workouts.

My workouts combine highly effective weight training moves and non-impact cardio moves with great emphasis on your core. Expect to speed up your metabolism, burn more fat; strengthen muscles and bones while developing a strong, toned, lean and sculpted body.

The Diodatics Workouts are  designed for all ages and fitness levels 


 The workouts are safe, highly effective and proven to fight against heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity and depression.

Ann Marie Ybarreta

Creator of the Diodatics Workouts