The World's Most Revolutionary
Weight Training System 

The World's Most Revolutionary Weight Training System

Company Background

Diodatics Fitness Company was established by Ann Marie Diodati to continue the legacy of her father, Joseph Michael Diodati. He was born in 1929 in Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Canada and grew up as a skinny teenager who desired to have muscles and strength. He went to his doctor for advice yet was told he would always be skinny.

Joseph didn’t believe his doctor. Instead, he started to read every book possible about bodybuilding. He got a group of friends together and began to do weight training. In a few years, he opened Diodati's Health Studio for men.

Four decades later, he built the largest health club in Canada and taught thousands of men how to effectively and efficiently weight train for bodybuilding, weight loss, and overall good health.

Joe was responsible for building up some of the strongest men with the best physique in Canada. Diodati's Health Studio held the powerlifting championship for seven consecutive years and produced several Mr. Canadas over the years.

In 1979, Joe opened the first weight training club exclusively for women and the members got amazing results. Not only did his members sculpt and tone their bodies, they effectively and efficiently burned fats. Joe proved that weight training was more effective for the body than doing strictly aerobics classes.

However, in August 1984, Joe got a call in the middle of the night. His health club was on fire. Diodati's health studio was completely destroyed by fire and it took seven long years for the insurance company to compensate Joe.

Yet, he made the best of the seven years and that is when he invented, patented, and manufactured thousands of Diodatics. The design of the Diodatics came to him in a dream. Now, Joe is able to teach the world how to safely and effectively weight train.

Joseph Michael Diodati



The Beginning of Diodatics

One day, Ann Marie told her father that it was very awkward passing the dumbbells when she was instructing members. That is why Joe invented a more functional and modern type of dumbbell. He had the concept of the tool in mind yet was unsure of the design. Joe being a good and spirit-filled man prayed to God and asked him to show him the design. 

God finally revealed the Diodatics design to Joe in a dream. The first thing Joe did after the dream was cut a milk carton into the design he saw in his vision. He then called all the kids in the family and asked if anyone would donate their plastic toboggans. His granddaughter, Myra, brought over her toboggan and he got to work on the prototype.

Eventually, in 1991 he patented, manufactured, and produced thousands of Diodatics.