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Become a Diodatics Certified Instructor

To be strong in body , mind and spirit is the greatest gifts to work and pray for.” Joseph Michael Diodati

Be Part of Our Team 

Dr. Michelle Wu, CPT, CGFI San Ramon, CA

I highly recommend becoming a Diodatics Certified Instructor. When I met Ann Marie in 2019, I had not participated in a any form of weight training in my life. I have learned many aspects on how to conduct a safe and effective Diodatics class and I am teaching several classes per week, which works perfect with my family's schedule.


Ann Marie is an inspiring, life-long expert in fitness and weight training and I am so grateful that I was blessed to meet her.


Join Our Entrepreneurial Community Of Diodatics Personal Trainers

Welcome to the Diodatics community! You are officially joining a family with a life-long history of physical fitness and personal training that will improve many lives. You will be transforming the lives of people around the world by showing them the benefits of weight training, bringing out their inner strengths, and inspiring them to bring out their very best.


Becoming a Diodatics Certified Personal Trainer will provide you the knowledge, the skills and the Diodatics Weights, so you can teach with confidence anywhere; Home sessions, local businesses, parks, gyms, nursing homes, assistant living centers, community centers and online classes.


We are committed to providing you with the training and resources so you can bring forth safe and effective routines using the revolutionary Diodatics Weights.

The Instructor Course Has Three Major Objectives

Educate you on the class format of the Diodatics workouts, with an emphasis on safety and proper form.

Encourage you to become an active member of the Diodatics community to access resources to assist you in marketing your Diodatics Fitness Business.

Empower you to deliver an effective, safe weight training class for individuals of different ages and fitness backgrounds.


Learn more about becoming a 
Certified Diodatics Fitness Instructor

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Diodatics Business
Earn a great income and stay fit, while helping others become strong, lean and healthy the Diodatics Way!!!


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