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A Simplistic Weight Training Solution for all Ages and Fitness Levels 


With 100 years of combined weight training experience, Ann Marie and her father create a simplistic weight training system using the revolutionary Diodatics Weights!




 "It's almost impossible for people to perceive that there could be a new dumbbell." Joe Diodati once said from his hotel room in Toronto.  "But it's not really a dumbbell.  It emulates exercises that far exceed the range and scope of the dumbbell."

No other exercise device like this has ever existed before!

Diodatics are the only exercise apparatus design to accommodate your own body's individuality, enabling you to get the most out of your workouts. They are shaped to rest comfortably on your body permitting many effective exercises, that would not be possible with conventional free weights.   The exclusive triangular shaped handle allows you to grip the Diodatics in numerous ways.  With a simple change of hand position, the exercise resistance levels can be increased by as much as 33%.  In comparison to dumbbells, the Diodatics allow for a much broader range of motion.

The uniquely shaped pyramid shell is made of tough polypropylene and is designed to hold interchangeable insert weights ranging from 2.5 to 10lbs. 

Changing weights are safe and simple.  Just open the ultrasonically welded "living hinges," insert the weights, snap it closed and your ready to enjoy the fun filled Diodatics Workout. 

When not in use, the attractive Diodatics can be placed on any flat surface; your desk , vanity or  coffee table as a constant reminder to workout.  Also, children love inserting the light inserts into the Diodatics.

The Diodatics System is truly a weight training solution. 

The workouts are designed to burn fat, firm and sculpt the entire body while improving your health. Weight training is proven to fight against many chronic conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, depression and dementia.

We offer The Classic Diodatics Workout  designed for anyone who wants to get strong, lean and healthy.  The workout combines weight training, cardio training, core training, flexibility and balance training with a fusion of Yoga and Pilates moves. 

We also offer Diodatics Chair Workouts  designed for people with mobility issues to help them get strong and healthy again. 

Kenya demonstrating a shoulder and arm sculpting exercise, using the 

Diodatics weights!

Interview with Ann Marie, the creator of the Diodatics Workouts!

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